Health Records

Due to very busy schedule Health professionals doesn’t have time to read or go thru all the documents available in patient history (all test reports, X-rays, CT scan, prescription etc). So we are providing him a summery sheet of all these reports in a proper format so he can easily see patient history for better treatment. It saves time of both (Doctor as well as Patient).

Share your report

In any case if user wants to share their medical history with doctor for consultancy or friends then he/she can easily share his history via email or via using by temporary url created by him.


If user have an allergy with any tablet or with any salt then he mentioned in their history so that in future doctor will not give that salt to the patient.

Health insurance detail

In this user can save his details of health insurance like name of the company, policy no, expiry date etc. so in the case of emergency ( any accident ) with the help of mobile hospital staff is able to see the insurance details for process. If insurance policy papers are misplaced so person can find the details in this application.

Personal Wallet

Our major update since launch. Now you can store your personal files in the App too. Just head over to personal wallet, create folders and upload your files. We are giving you unlimited storage. Store your educational documents, Rashan card, Adhar card, Pan No., Driving licence, LIC Policies, Health Insurance Policies, all electronic item bills for claiming warranty (mobile,tv,fridge,ac,laptop etc), car documents, Important office documents, electricity bills, mobile bills etc.

Call for Blood

In case of emergency you can easily call for blood using the phone numbers given in the app. We have tied up with Smile for All NGO for this feature.

Book Air Ambulance

If there is a need to transport a patient from One metro to another, you can immediately book an air ambulance by using our app.

Book Chartered Flight

You want to book a chartered flight but don't know how? We are here to help you. By using our app you can book a chartered flight at anytime of the day.