We Offer Secure & Reliable Health History maintenance solution.

We want to be the best health history provider in the world by making secure and reliable solutions.

Our Mission

  • All records including family history records if any, will be readily available to the Dr. while treating a patient.
  • Dr’s don’t have to go through unhygienic files of patients maintained by them, which are not readable in many cases.
  • Better and Timely treatment will be possible for Dr’s, which could be a life saving treatment for a patient.
  • Treating accident cases will be much easier if data of the ailing person is timely available to the treating Dr.
  • Missing of records will not be a concern anymore for the users.
  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility of records through electronic media or telephonically.
  • Medical history records are such documents which a person can’t carry at all times but, could be life saving anytime any day.
  • If doctor ask for some tests and you have already done previously and report is available on web site so no need to spend money again.
  • This facility saves your precious time and money both.